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    Fighting Games - Free Online Games

  • 1 The King of Fighters vs DNF Free
    Blast gremlins and bosses with fighting moves. Conserve power to use powerful attacks on bosses.
  • 2 The King of Fighters Wing Online
    Classic arcade style fighting game. Its a long way to the top if you want to be "The King Of Fighters"
  • 3 Electric Man Game
    Defeat all your opponent to prove to be the most powerful being in the stick man universe! Game controls: Read instructions for controls.
  • 4 Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Game
    The classic Street Fighter II game, now in flash form. Play as your favorite character and work your way through the Champion Circuit to become the best fighter in the world.
  • 5 SuperFighters Online
    Create teams of you and computer players as you grab guns and try to blast the AI. 1 life per round.
  • 6 King of Fighters V 1.3 Game
    Fight for your glory!
  • 7 Mortal Kombat Karnage Online
    Mortal Kombat remake in flash. Its really a new fighting game. This one is better than ever, with an infinite forest background with no corners, new cool looking moves with very clever use of the sprites, and more! Finish him!
  • 8 Dragon Ball Fighting 3 Flash
    Pearl Battle 1.6 update in the world martial arts of the General Assembly, adding more optional characters, go and won the Conference championship in the world martial arts it!
  • 9 Swords and Sandals III: Solo Ultratus Flash
    Exchange taunts, spells, blows and more in this fun turn based fighter game.
  • 10 Plazma Burst Game
    An amazingly fun sidescroller shooter. Earn money to purchase new weapons. Tons of levels!
  • 11 Dragon Ball Fighters Flash
    A very good action game, the latest version of the series, adding 1 and Freeza Vegeta super, special characters can fly empty, Pearl Battle Dragon Ball chapter has come to an end, soon entered the game to defeat evil be evil!
  • 12 Electric Man 2 Free
    You`re Electric Man, now start fighting all that oppose you.
  • 13 Super Mario Crossover Game
    Play classic Mario levels as other retro game characters. Watch your step!
  • 14 Anime Fighting Jam Wing Online
    Great anime action fighting game. Play it with enemy CPU or 2 Player Mode.
  • 15 City Siege 3 Game
    The Baddies are back in the third installment of the City Siege games. This time they are trying to take over the Jungle, build your army and put a stop to their antics!
  • 16 Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior Free
    Time to fight. Different modes make you complete more fights. Bunch of people to fight as. Nice!
  • 17 Bleach vs. Naruto Flash
    Play against the computer or against a friend in this epic fighting game, come on it`s Bleach Vs Naruto!
  • 18 Street Fighter 2 Online
    Street fighter alpha beta game fight punch kick roundhouse power up attack hadouken.
  • 19 Warriors Game
    The History Channel present - Warriors. Fight as different warriors from different cultures and civilizations throughout time.
  • 20 Kof Wing 19 Free
    Kof Wing 19 is challenging. You can choose one partner according to your preference. It may be computer or other player. Press AD arrow keys to move and WS arrow keys to jump. Use UIOJKL arrow keys to choose the mode of attacking, for example kicking and
  • 21 WarFare 1917 Game
    Build armies and send them into battle. Certain death, or ultimate victory? It is all up to you, Commander. - Very fun - Enjoy our fun free online games.
  • 22 Final Ninja Online
    This platform game is all about fast ninja reflexes and deadly skills.
  • 23 Hobo Free
    Fight as a hobo with nothing to lose. Gain special powers like farting, barfing, and booger flipping
  • 24 Super Fighter Free
    A drug broker and his murderous minions claim ownership of the world`s combined freedom. Showing their true menace by murdering top ranking government officials, they send a shockwave of fear across the United Nations.
  • 25 American Dad vs. Family Guy Online
    American Dad vs. Family Guy
  • 26 Guns n Angel Free
    Guns N Angel is a fast paced platform shooter where the protagonist is a strong, female hero. Collect a wide range of weaponry including uzis, rifles, rocket launchers, and even a flame thrower. Blast your way through many types of enemies as you progress
  • 27 247 bombs Flash
    Kill all the enemies in a given amount of time using as many bombs as possible.
  • 28 Street Fighter Alpha Online
    Fight head to head with your opponent in this flash version of street fighter game!
  • 29 Naruto Bankai Flash
    Game based on Naruto, the Japanese manga serie.
  • 30 Super Mechs Online
    In Super Mechs you build, fight and prevail! Design your Mech exactly how you want it, creating the perfecting fighting machine, with the style, weapons and extras that you want it to have. Go into the huge store for 100`s of different parts and boosters.
  • 31 Ninja Rampage Online
    Ninja Rampage is a superb action skill game and reminds a lot of Ninja Rinseout. Sneak up and attack enemies.
  • 32 xevoz showdown Flash
    Fire and animal rage join forces in this awesome platformer game! Upgrade your sword and get fighting!
  • 33 Dragon Fist 2 Flash
    Use your skills and fight people.
  • 34 Achilles Online
    Survival mode, Normal mode. Both bloody fun! Throw spears, cut off heads, and strike fear into your enemies! W = jump A/D = left/right S = block/pick up spear T= attack Y = kick (or arrow keys)
  • 35 Dragon Ball Fighting 2 Flash
    Pearl Battle 1.5 update in the world martial arts of the General Assembly, adding more optional characters, go and won the Conference championship in the world martial arts it!
  • 36 Kung Fu Game
    Kung Fu Remix classic game. A remake of the NES classic. Please wait for the game to load.
  • 37 Comic Stars Fighting 3 Flash
    Comic Stars Fighting 3 is an excellent fighting game in which you can choose both single mode fighting and 2 players fighting. Come to choose your favorite character and fight with your friends! Experience the excitement of being a knight, killing enemies
  • 38 Ninja Frog Game
    Guide Kaeru, the prince turned Frog turned Ninja through 48 levels of deadly puzzles and crazy acrobatics.
  • 39 Zombie Destruction Free
    Defend your position against the attacking zombies. Upgrade weapons as you take on the horde.
  • 40 King of Fighters Death Match Game
    Work your special fighting skills to knock out your opponent! Try our free online games. Category: Action > Arena Fighting. WASD = Move, Jump, & Crouch, U,I,O = Punch, J,K = Kick J = Select
  • 41 The King Of Fighters Game
    King of Fighters style system use K and fight against K in this fighting demo.
  • 42 Dragonball Z Flash Dimension Online
    Your favorite characters from Dragonball Z battle it out in this fun fighting game.
  • 43 Armed With Wings 3 Free
    (takes a moment to load) Kill your apponents to win.
  • 44 Boxing Game
    Be a boxing champ.
  • 45 Dragon Fist 2 - Battle for the Blade Free
    The Dragon Master is back, but this time he has brought with him the legendary and powerful Dragon Blade.
  • 46 Chaos Faction Game
    Cool Fighting Game.
  • 47 Kim VS Abubo Game
    Cool Street Fighter style game.
  • 48 Mutant Fighting Cup Online
    Grow and mutate your animal to fight through the stages and become World Mutant Fighting Champion!
  • 49 Hong Kong Ninja Online
    An excellent beat-em-up arcade game. Fight your way through the streets of Hong-Kong.
  • 50 Final Fight Game
    Classic arcade-style side scrolling fighting game!
  • 51 Bearbarians Online
    Goldilocks is lucky she never stumbled into the BearBarians, because her porridge would`ve been served with a side of chainsaw and washed down with a tall glass of fireballs to the face.
  • 52 Dragon Ball Z flash dimension Flash
    Dragonball Z fighting flash game is for 2 players only. See ingame help for Controls. Select your fighter, you can choose from Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Freeza, Vegeta, and Cell. Then choose scenery and background music. Enjoy free online games.
  • 53 Severance Online
    Kick a still-living severed head with a severed leg at a hanging body.....I`m not kidding. Disgusting, but enjoyful.
  • 54 Unreal Flash Game
    Arena based fighting game. Can you survive the onslaught?!?
  • 55 Big House Beatdown Online
    Prison Brawls can be FUN!!
  • 56 Anime Smash Beta Free
    (takes a moment to load) pick your character and fight to the death, will you come out alive?
  • 57 Nhazul vs. Mr. Pix Game
    One of those awesome stick men fighting animation. Enjoy!
  • 58 Saloon Brawl Game
    Battle dozens of enemies in a Wild West saloon brawl!
  • 59 Desert Ambush Online
    Your mission as a combat soldier is to kill all the scary villains and most importantly defeat the evil demon at the end of the game.
  • 60 Lost Sweeper Free
    Pick from multiple missions where you`ll explore and do turn style fighting.
  • 61 Armor Heroes Flash
    Choose from a variety of characters and battle evil creatures as you try and save the land from total destruction.
  • 62 Alexander: Dawn of an Empire Flash
    It is the dawn of Alexander the great`s empire! Build an army, conquer the ancient world, and prepare to face the deadly Persians in all out war!
  • 63 Bleach Training II Online
    This is the sequel to the cool and awesome Bleach training series.
  • 64 Alloy Online
    robot fighting game.
  • 65 Red Baron Game
    Takes a moment to load, but a really fun fighting game.
  • 66 Gladiator Free
    Cool fighting game. Battle as a gladiator. Great graphics.
  • 67 Obama Street Fight Online
    Watch Obama and Hillary duke it out.
  • 68 Pocket Fighter Flash
    Become a fighter!
  • 69 The Lost Spartan Game
    You are the last Spartan can you beat the enemies on your own?
  • 70 Sift Heads Game
    You are a gun-for-hire, a mercenary of sorts. You are only loyal to the highest bidder. Carry out their dirty work.
  • 71 Street Fighter v1.9 Flash
    See if you have what it takes to be the ultimate street fighter!
  • 72 Capoeira Fighter 3: Ultimate World Tournament Game
    Kick up some fighting fun!
  • 73 Power Fox Flash
    Fun fighting game similar to Street Fighter.
  • 74 7 Hours Til Sunrise Flash
    Kill all the Zombies.
  • 75 Celebrity Scrap Club Online
    UK peeps want in on the fight club scene. Equip your battle guy in his fanciest shirt before he gets whacked with a broken pool cue.
  • 76 Baffotron Flash
    Click on the red arrows to throw jabs or hooks and beat the tar out of your victim. You can select different attacks with the menu on the left.
  • 77 Sinjid Free
    Shinobi has been framed for the death of his master. After imprisonment for seven years, he is given one last chance to fight for his freedom. Will Sinjid survive the trail and find his master`s true killer? Or will he perish?
  • 78 Bible Fight Online
    Street Fighter with Bible Characters!
  • 79 3 Foot Ninja Free
    He might be 3ft tall but he is the ultimate ninja, can you beat him?
  • 80 SMO Arena Fighter Online
    An arena fighting game similar to Chaos Faction.
  • 81 Power Fox Flash
    Battle your way in fights around the world. Fast paced action using military weapons!
  • 82 Pro Kicker Frenzy Online
    Show off your kicking skills in Pro Kicker Frenzy as you kick a series of field goals for big points. Aim carefully and score combos to earn extra points. Watch out for the linebackers and don`t forget to pay attention to the wind!
  • 83 Black Knight Free
    Intimate the townsfolk into giving you of their riches, all to satisfty your king!
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