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  • 1 Good Game Farmer Online
    Enjoy the beautiful country life and manage your virtual farm.
  • 2 Woman on Top Free
    Why do you play hard to get, baby? Demonstrate your loving devotion by leaping to the lady!
  • 3 Tiles of the Simpsons Online
    Match the Simpsons.
  • 4 Super Crazy Guitarman Game
    Like GuitaHero - Many tracks - multiple axes. Put a stick dude through his DDR paces, while he lays fat licks!
  • 5 Love Tester Online
    How deep is your love?
  • 6 Sim Girl v2.3b Online
    Go get a job get pumped up educated and charming go on dates with the girl to get her in bed with you.
  • 7 Sim Taxi Game
    In Sim Taxi your a taxi driver trying to make a living.
  • 8 Love Hina Flash
    Love Hina Sim Date is the latest and one of the best sims game. Choose your character and go to the Hina Inn where you get to meet a lot of girls. Your basic goal is to get a Hina girl and gain as much money and experience as possible. Good luck! Game con
  • 9 Papas Freezeria Flash
    Youve just started an easy job at an ice cream shop on a laidback tropical island, but things get hectic when all of Papa Louies loyal customers arrive on the island for vacation! In this new installment in Papa Louies restaurant series, youll need to
  • 10 Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age Games Game
    Manage your ice age farm as you gather items and continue to produce more and earn money.
  • 11 Ganguro Girl 1.5 Flash
    The rules are quite simple, just talk to this Ganguro girl. You have got 300 heart beats to try too seduce this girl or just keep her interested in you. You will find she is full of surprises (^_^ )
  • 12 Farm Mania Free
    Take care of the farm as you earn money and buy new items for your farm to make even more money.
  • 13 Interactive Buddy Flash
    The more you jiggle it, the happier it gets. Better than playing with yourself, I guess. How much money can you make from this loveable character`s smile?
  • 14 The Torture Game Flash
    Gruesome torture game. WARNING: This game contains graphic content.
  • 15 3 Cups Free
    Find the ball under one of the 3 cups. The game gets harder as the levels progress.
  • 16 Candy the Naughty Cheerleader Game
    Click on objects to gather and combine them to get everybody out of the room except your lover.
  • 17 Nurse Kissing 2 Free
    We Know that you like sexy nurses and often dreams to kiss them so here you have a change to kiss the hot nurse in this nurse kissing 2 game.
  • 18 A Day In High School Online
    A day in highschool, can you become the most popular student?
  • 19 Funny Red Carpet Online
    Click on objects to gather them and then join objects together to get the girls clothes to fall off.
  • 20 Pico Sim Date Flash
    Help Pico win the love of his life by building up your charm, working out in the gym, or studying in the library. Earn money and rise up the corporate ladder, but don`t forget to make time to woo your honey!
  • 21 Decorate My Mushroom House Free
    Step into the magic forest and share the joy of spring`s arrival with the animals living there, who`re decided to start a new season by giving their mushroom house a brand new look!
  • 22 Super Crazy Guitarman Free
    Many tracks - multiple axes. Put a stick dude through his DDR paces, while he lays fat licks!
  • 23 Kiss Mat Flash
    It`s your moment: can you steal a kiss from this hot celebrity star? The paparazzi are hungry for salacious moments, so you`ll have to be sneaky. Be a naughty boy.
  • 24 Pimp My Ride - Crowd Magnet Online
    Pimp out your ride, and make it the coolest looking car on the road.
  • 25 Wheel of Fortune Online
    Based on the popular TV game show.
  • 26 DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3 Flash
    Can you mix the ultimate club sounds? Try and be a DJ master!
  • 27 Jane`s Hotel Online
    Maintain the hotel as more people come in and as you take care of their needs.
  • 28 Music Catch 2 Flash
    Catch all the new shapes, patterns, motions and songs in Music Catch 2! The task is simple...the more shapes you collect, the more points you get.
  • 29 Playing Field 2 Game
    One of the funnest games ever!! Just play it.
  • 30 Undress a Girl Online
    Undress a Girl is a skill game on flash-game.net in which you try to undress one girl by catching beers. You can first select your favorite girl from three candidates.
  • 31 learn to fly 2 Online
    One Penguin Takes it personally when he is surfing the web and stumbles upon a web site telling him that he cant fly, after that he sets his mind to research and practice flying until he can prove the world that he can.. Learn to Fly!
  • 32 Naughty Supermarket Online
    Click on items to get the woman to get it on with you and dump who they are with.
  • 33 Diner City Online
    Start your own restaurant business. Choose your restaurant type and upgrade it with the new appliances to reach the money goal faster than your competitor.
  • 34 Vanessa Naughty Pics Free
    Your job is to follow Vanessa and to try to get valuable compromissing photos of her.
  • 35 Head Games Flash
    Protect Carl as he looks for his head
  • 36 Nose Surgery Free
    There`s an old saying "The nose knows." The surgery simulator game Nose Surgery makes that saying more like "The nose ? NO NO NO NO NO NOs!"
  • 37 The Love Calculator Game
    Try the love calculator to discover your personal compatibility score with your secret crush! We`re using a new improved love calculator algorithm.
  • 38 Bloody Burberry: Fur Fighters Flash
    PETA`s Bloody Burberry game. Spray paint all the fur coats to ruin them so evil people will stop killing animals in the name of fashion.
  • 39 Boob Match Online
    Look at the famous boobs and match the two pairs that you think belong to the same celebrity.
  • 40 Wheel of Fortune Flash
    Awesome replica of the very popular TV show - wheel of fortune. Just follow the rules of the actual game to play your way to lots of money.
  • 41 Sim Taxi Bubble City Flash
    Time to explore the streets of Bubble City! Could there be a better way to do this than driving a yellow cab? Pick up your passengers and take them where they want to go.
  • 42 Naughty Elevator Game
    Be naughty in the elevator as you click on items trying to get hooked up with the hottie in there.
  • 43 Nicoles Mommy Challenge Flash
    Take care of the baby and prevent crying and all those other fun things babies do.
  • 44 MIchael Jackson Dance Online
    Make Michael Dance!
  • 45 Magic Fingers 2 Free
    Can you give a good massage to your female or male.
  • 46 Elf Sim Date 2 Flash
    Elvin Sim Dating game
  • 47 Highschool Sweethearts Kissing Game Online
    (takes a moment to load please be patient) This couple like eachother a lot but are too nervous to kiss. Guide your lips along the path, the faster you move the sweeter the kiss will be.
  • 48 Riff Master Free
    Guitar Hero game. Use your keyboard to hit the notes!
  • 49 Dinner in Paris Free
    Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Enjoy cooking a traditional parisian meal for you and your new French boyfriend.
  • 50 Rasta Jam Machine Free
    Mix and create your own reggae music.
  • 51 Escaping Paris 2 Online
    Ask yourself, why is bad porn music playing in the kitchen? Help Paris get out of jail, yet again. Can you avoid becoming one with the roaches?
  • 52 Incredibots Free
    Design your robot by drawing shapes, joints, motors, and more! Then, pilot your machine using your own custom key bindings.
  • 53 Cooking Show: Steak Flash
    Have fun making delicious steaks in this fun cooking game.
  • 54 DJ Sheep Wolf Mixer Free
    The original DJ Sheep Wolf Mixer.
  • 55 Ragdoll Achievement 2 Game
    Mannequin? More like MAIM-equin, amirite??? Take the rage you feel for us right now and direct it toward the poor dummy in Ragdoll Achievement 2.
  • 56 Drivers Ed Free
    Remeber Drivers Ed? Here`s a refresher course in case you forgot.
  • 57 Heart Surgery Flash
    We heart gaming. Play the surgeon sim Heart Surgery if you heart cringing.
  • 58 Tattoo Maker Flash
    Tattoo Maker
  • 59 Flash Hero Flash
    Sweet Guitar Hero clone! Use the number keys 1-6 to hold the strings and the backspace button to strum the guitar.
  • 60 Healthy Pizza Flash
    Learn how to cook the perfect healthy pizza. Top it with fresh ingredients and place it in the oven to get that golden brown crust.
  • 61 My Tiger Free
    Raise your very own baby tiger into a full adult tiger!!
  • 62 Paris Oh Paris Free
    Toss delicious food at Paris! If you get it near her face, she will eat it like a baby bird. And then she gains weight! Go Paris!
  • 63 Speed Dating Free
    use your skills to score as many dates as possible
  • 64 Big Bob`s Burger Joint Game
    Can you make the burgers and not screw up from all the options and toppings they can have?
  • 65 Burger Restaurant 4 Free
    (takes a min to load) Run a burger restaurant!
  • 66 Cake Decorator Flash
    Decorate cakes in this fun cooking game.
  • 67 Drunken Masters Free
    become the ultimate bartender!
  • 68 After The Party Clean Up Game
    How fast can you clean up after the party? Can you do it before your parents get home?
  • 69 The Lardener Game
    To win you must buy all the things from the online store, save $1000 and lose weight.
  • 70 Good Night Kiss Online
    Enjoy the best part of your date!Instructions : Press and hold left mouse button to kiss
  • 71 Devil Kisses Flash
    The devil girl lost her attractiveness and looks very scary. To retain her beauty, she transforms herself into a guy for specific time duration to kiss the cute girls. Make the guy to kiss the cute girls before he revert to original appearance. Remember!
  • 72 City Jumper Free
    Run through the city and use the arrow keys to jump over obstacles.
  • 73 Great Indian Magician Online
    wow the crowd
  • 74 Good Game Mafia Online
    Can you be the king pin Mob Boss? Find out in Good Game Mafia.
  • 75 Sara`s Super Spa Game
    Lather, rinse, succeed!
  • 76 DJ Sheep Wolf Mixer 2 Online
    Mix your own tracks on DJ Sheep Wolf Mixer 2
  • 77 Apartment Kiss Free
    Kiss as many girls as you can.
  • 78 The Hacker Flash
    Oh man, hacking into computers is so cool! This will totally get you a date to the prom. Well, a virtual date in a virtual world, but computerized social interactions are all the rage right now, right??
  • 79 Final Fantasy Sim Date Game
    Get the romantic hookup with your favorite Final Fantasy Characters from all your favorite Final Fantasy Series games!
  • 80 Scattergories Free
    Scattergories is a creative-thinking category-based party game produced by Hasbro through the Milton Bradley Company and published in 1988.
  • 81 Sofa Bash Online
    Destroy the sofa with some fiendish weapons as quick as you can in this mouse-click frenzy.
  • 82 Gangster Goodgame Online
    Goodgame Gangster is the brand new mafia title from Goodgame Studios. Live the life of a gangster in a big city. Do missions for the godfather, duel with other players from all over the world and get new items at the black market to improve your character
  • 83 Mini Pets Flash
    This new game by Miniclip lets you shelter the cutest animals on earth. Give them the best accommodations around, watch them fall in love and welcome their babies
  • 84 High School Musical Game
    You will get several multiple choice questions. You will win a star if you answer the question correctly. The more stars you win the more chances you will get at basketball practice.
  • 85 Gates VS Jobs Online
    Microsoft versus Apple, PC versus Mac.
  • 86 Class Kiss Flash
    Try to kiss your classroom sweetie without getting caught by the teacher.
  • 87 Swimsuit Edition Video Mash-Up Game
    Make your own sexy video using the Supermodels from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.
  • 88 Farm Fun Free
    Run your own farm. Plant some vegetable or fruit, or sell the chicken egg.
  • 89 DJ Mixer Game
    Mix your own tracks and be a DJ.
  • 90 Laboratory Kiss Flash
    Use mouse and click on boy or girl for them to kiss each other. Kissing will earn you points but avoid getting caught or its game over.
  • 91 Tattoo Artist 2 Online
    Give customers different tattoos based on difficulty. Keep the customer out of pain.
  • 92 Park My Car (takes a minute) Game
    Park cars within the given amount of time. Watch out for other objects that make the task harder.
  • 93 Robinson Hotel Flash
    In the game will you act ass Miss Cathy, You will work as the hotel`s manager!
  • 94 DJ Scratch Simulator Game Online
    Do your own scratch effects in this DJ scratch simulator game.
  • 95 Tony Hawk`s Downhill Jam Online
    Thrash through city streets on your skateboard. Watch out for cars, people, fire hydrants, etc. One wrong move and you`re toast.
  • 96 Free Rider Online
    Drive on user created maps by copying and pasting code into a box in the game. Eat it Line Rider.
  • 97 Pet Penguin Free
    Take care of your very own Penguin by helping it slide down the snow and dodge the ice chunks.Then make sure you nurture it to keep the Penguin healthy.
  • 98 Get Home...Get Lucky Online
    It`s after closing and someone special is waiting at home for you. But it`s a jungle out there! To make your way home, avoid the booze cans and bottles.
  • 99 Beer Pong Online
    Shoot the ball into the cup with the proper angle.
  • 100 Music In Motion Game
    This is not your standard music based game. It is an experimental game to test how music and platformers can mix. You do not have to play to the rhythm, but rather the rhythm plays with you.
  • 101 Master Mixer Flash
    Mix your own music and sound effects with the mixer.
  • 102 School Flirting Game Game
    Walk through your school, flirt with all the boys and score points.
  • 103 Tattoo Artist Free
    Use the mouse to draw a tattoo with a tattoo gun. Stay in the lines and watch the pain meter.
  • 104 Virtual Surgery Game
    Play as a surgeon in this special virtual surgery operation. Analyze the steps that needs to be done and be careful.
  • 105 Bug Selecta Online
    A Volkswagen beetle tunning game. You can change the chassis, paint color, make it a convertible, tires, pneumatics, lights, flaps and many other things.
  • 106 Spin Climb Green Free
    DonutMaster and I are proud to bring you another game, -Spin Climb-, a twist on the normal platform genre, literally. Music by CornandBeans, check his stuff out IT`S AWESOME. Enjoy =)
  • 107 Bartender: The Right Mix Online
    Cocktail mixing game for cocktail connoisseurs! Pour, shake and serve!
  • 108 Spin Soar Online
    Due to popular demand, the new RED addition to the series is out! Spin Soar tests your co-ordination as you try to out-maneuver oncoming asteroids all the while watching the screen spin before your eyes.
  • 109 Office Lover Kiss Online
    Can you sneak a kiss while your boss is not looking?
  • 110 Game Cheats in Real Life! Online
    Video Game Cheats in Real Life!
  • 111 Jack Black Soundboard Game
    Funny comedy hilarious sounds of Jack Black.
  • 112 Spin Sprint Free
    Spin Sprint offers a new exciting way to think out of the box while playing. Music by DJRunaway and CornandBeans, check their stuff out its amazing!
  • 113 Fitness Frenzy Free
    Let`s get fit!
  • 114 Ask The Spirits Flash
    Ask the spirits your questions but be careful not to upset them!
  • 115 Fairy Tale Paradise Free
    There is a cute musician and the fairy really wants to kiss him. Make sure she flys close enough and does not get caught by the other fairy.
  • 116 Farm Away Game
    The third game of Farm Away is back with greater choices! You are managing your farm very well, now you it is your chance to change its decoration new terrains, cottages and cute pets are available. Take your time to try new objects and design your dream
  • 117 Fly Catcher Online
    This is a very addictive and fun fly eating game. The object of the game is to feed the spider as many flies as you can before the time expires. But remember it`s not that easy to catch the flies as they are continuously moving here and there.
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