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    Racing Games - Free Online Games

  • 1 Earn to Die 2012 Game
    What do you use to wash zombie blood off your windshield? More zombie blood, of course! Earn to Die 2012 Part 2 takes you on a killer cruise through zombie country. Ram through the western United States, splattering undead wanderers all over your sweet wh
  • 2 Dune Buggy Online
    Drive a Dune Buggy and collect the stars avoid the skulls. Controls: Arrows: Move, Space: Jump. Remember to try all our fun free online games.
  • 3 Drag Racer 3 Flash
    Tune up your car from over 20+ models and drag race. Race your Customized Ride in tournament or head to head challenges. Paint, Tune & Upgrade your favorite car. Fun free online games at ZiggyGames.com.
  • 4 Burnin` Rubber 2 Free
    Own the road in a new race every day!
  • 5 Taxi Driving School Flash
    Learn to drive a cab. A must play for anyone considering being a cabby!
  • 6 Create a Ride Game
    create your ultimate ride
  • 7 Uphill Rush Online
    racing game
  • 8 One Off R Free
    Design and Ride your custom bike.
  • 9 Jam XM Game
    Like RC Pro Am.
  • 10 Motocross FMX Game
    Impress the judges with your freestyle tricks. Make the crowd go wild by pulling Superman Backflips and No Footers, but dont forget to land it safely. Game controls: Use the arrow keys to control your bike. Number keys 1-6 for mid air tricks.
  • 11 BMX Extreme Flash
    Sweet!! Bust amazing tricks on your BMX bike!
  • 12 Alias Runner Online
    A 3D style car chasing game where you try to run away from other cars and avoid being hit or destroyed.
  • 13 Bike Mania on Ice Free
    Sequel to "Bike Mania 2", Bike Mania: On Ice! is a 2D motorbike game where you must get over objects in your way to pass the finish line. But this time there is a twist, its on ICE! Cool free online games.
  • 14 Grand Theft Auto - GTA Game
    Grand Theft Auto is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet.
  • 15 3D Rally Racing - Fun Free Online Games Flash
    Drive your Toyota Celica or Ford Focus and unlock all five tracks by placing first on each track. This is for sure one of the best competitive racing flash games we have seen in the while. Unlock up to 6 various courses and compete against 3 opponents in
  • 16 Monster Truck Trials Flash
    Super Cool!! Awesome monster truck game.
  • 17 Stunt Dirt Bike Online
    Become the master of the track! Surmount all the obstacles as soon as possible. Hint: If you get stuck on a level, try switching vehicles. Both vehicles come with their own advantages. Game controls: Up / Down Arrow Key - Move forward / backward.Left / Ri
  • 18 Redline Rumble 3 Free
    Get rev`d up and ready to Rumble.
  • 19 Mario Kart 3d Game
    Help Mario beat his friends in these friendly races against his friends on shopping carts in Mario Cart 3D. Avoid the bananas on the ground that will slow you down and use the mushrooms on the ground for a boost.
  • 20 Formula Racing Flash
    Drive your vehicle around the track and try to achieve the best time.
  • 21 Box10 Top Truck Game
    Top Truck stunts game this is an awesome stunts game will keep you driving trucks for hours.
  • 22 Heatwave Racing Flash
    Awesome graphics car racing game!
  • 23 Turbo Racing Free
    Come race!
  • 24 Motocross FMX Free
    Make your laps around the track while pulling off as many tricks as possible in this 9 level game
  • 25 Redline Rumble Flash
    A racing game for diehard thrill-seekers.
  • 26 City Racers 2 Game
    Here your job is to choose your car and race around the track as fast as you can.
  • 27 Carbon Auto Theft Game
    Break the cars lock, then drive it out of the parking lot without crashing within the timelimit.
  • 28 Mario Kart Racing Online
    Drive with Mario in this fantastic road game.
  • 29 Monster Truck Nitro 2 Flash
    Be a beast truck driver!
  • 30 Formula Racer 2012 Free
    More fast paced arcade Formula racing from TurboNuke. Battle through twelve tracks from around the world, over three different race classes, upgrading to faster cars as you go.
  • 31 Paintball Racers Flash
    Can you beat all racers while being bombarded with paint balls? Drive fast and complete all challenges in this fast Paintball racing game!
  • 32 The Mini Jump Flash
    jump into the mini couper and see what crazy tricks you can do to improve your score
  • 33 ATV Extreme Game
    Ride your ATV through the caves, collect bonus, show off your skills.
  • 34 Bike Challenge Online
    Bike Challenge - Ride the bike to conquer obstacles. Climb rocks, jump over gaps, etc. Use points earned to improve your ride.
  • 35 The Soul Driver Flash
    Grab your hat, get into your car, flee the police force and reach the Mexico frontier (42 miles) in this crazy pursuit game.
  • 36 Potty Racers 4 Flash
    Ready for another crappy flight? Get comfortable in this travelling potty, and cruise around the world, collecting the missing stars. You will need to upgrade your craptacular aircraft repeatedly if you are going to make any progress, so collect all the g
  • 37 Diesel and Death Flash
    Motorcycle racing with powerups, motorcycle jumping, grenades and more!
  • 38 Monster Truck Demolisher Free
    Pick your monster truck and demolish all the cars that are in your way! Earn points by smashing and driving over all the cars in the level. See if you have what it takes to be a true monster truck demolisher!
  • 39 Mo Bike 2 Flash
    Give the motorcycle just enough gas as you make the jump, but not so much that you crash land.
  • 40 Porsche Thief Free
    Did you always wanted to drive a Porsche ? This is your chance! This is the plan: Drive in your truck to a Porsche dealer, get the Porsche and race away!
  • 41 Highway Traveling Free
    Drive your car safely and carefully as long as you can.
  • 42 Stunt Bike Draw Game
    Draw your ramp, rev your engine and go go go!
  • 43 Rush Race Game
    Driving a top secret car, you`re up against mad scientist Doctor Villiante. Kill as many enemies as you can.
  • 44 Motorun Flash
    The race around the whole world has started! Crank up the gas on your super bike and race through the top cities in the world. Each race is a long route through several cities against 8 opponents.
  • 45 Super Mario Cross Online
    Be a super racer!
  • 46 FFX Runner Free
    Left/Right Keys: Turn Up Key: Accelerate Down Key: Reverse Note: This game requires an 800 mhz+ computer with 3D accelerated graphics
  • 47 Drag Racer V3 Game
    This game is an authentic drag racing simulator where you get the chance to test your driving skills against various opponents on the race track. Take on todays most popular tuner cars from BMW, Nissan, Acura, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, and many more.
  • 48 Motocross Urban Fever Free
    Perform awesome stunts and wild tricks as you race your motorcycle to the checkered flag.
  • 49 Braap Braap Free
    Motocross games with nice shockwave 3d graphics!
  • 50 Speed Moto Bike Online
    Fun bullet-bike racing game! Use the arrow keys to maneuver.
  • 51 Motorcross Champions Online
    Need something to do while hanging in midair? How about pulling sick tricks? If you`re REALLY good, you might unlock the secret vehicle! oink oink.
  • 52 Bike Mania On Ice Game
    Use the arrow key to stay on your bike this will take aot of skill! Try another cool free online game.
  • 53 4 Wheel Madness Game
    Drive your monster-truck over hills of dirt, cars and other things to accomplish the task given. Game controls: Use Arrow keys to drive. Try all our fun free online games.
  • 54 BMX Master Game
    Become the ultimate BMX master!
  • 55 Tiger Cross Free
    Tiger Cross is a 3D tail view racing game where you can pick a quad-bike, motor car or bmx bike to cross on the rough terrain full of objects and ramps. Your objective is to pick up all the stars and special bonus points that are to be found everywhere.
  • 56 Frozen Frenzy Flash
    Drive around the town and stop for the kids to feed them frozen treats. Watch out for construction.
  • 57 High Speed Pursuit Online
    Chase and shoot the bad guys with your cop car!
  • 58 I Love Traffic Free
    Send all cars from all directions through the intersection and avoid collisions.
  • 59 Coaster Racer 3 Free
    Select your vehicle and race your way across a series of floating rollercoaster tracks.
  • 60 Extreme Trucks Free
    Drive your monster truck over 9 levels of tilting and staying balanced
  • 61 FFX Runner Free
    Run away from your chasers and find the path to the safety surviving enemies attack.
  • 62 Monstrous Trucks Flash
    Choose your monster truck from the three mean-looking types of cars and start the race of your life.
  • 63 Street Racer Flash
    Awesome Shockwave racing game!
  • 64 Risky Rider Free
    Risky Rider show us your stunt magic!
  • 65 Sonic Boom Town Game
    This game has it all - cars, girls, booming sound systems and crumbling buildings.
  • 66 Bike Mania 2 Game
    You have to surmount all the obstacles as soon as possible. Up and Down arrow keys to move forward and backward, Left and Right arrow keys to lean forward and back.
  • 67 Dave Fearless is Stuntdriver 2 Flash
    Dave Fearless is Stuntdriver 2 brings back the bravest -- or dumbest -- stunt driver in the world for a second run, only on AddictingGames.com. Crash your car over and over again in this ramplified launch game that pits your health and well-being against
  • 68 Road Burner Flash
    Delve in the world of the drag racing underground and race to be the best! Win and get more high powered cars!
  • 69 Stunt Mania 2 Free
    Be a stunt man!
  • 70 Dare Devil Online
    Try your skills as a motocross stunt man in this fun mini game!
  • 71 Speed Racing Online
    Put your pedal to the metal, because street racing has a new look! Release the beast to beat down the competition.
  • 72 Dog Dash Flash
    Guide Rover around obstacles as he dashes down the pathway. Collect as many bones as you can.
  • 73 Motorbike Madness Flash
    Bullet Bike game. Fast paced and fun.
  • 74 18 Wheeler Flash
    Put your truck driving skills to the test. How quick can you park the 18 wheeler?
  • 75 Speed Demon Online
    Really fun game
  • 76 Stay The Distance Game
    Great horse racing game!!
  • 77 Atomic Racer Online
    Awesome!! Way better than Spy Hunter!!!
  • 78 Mobike Flash
    The ulitimate stunt bike game!
  • 79 18 Wheeler 2 Free
    Are you the ultimate 18 Weeler Driver?
  • 80 Sonic Speed Race Online
    Help sonic ride his new Motorbike with amazing speed! Are you able to complete all levels without losing control ? Try to collect as much rings as possible.
  • 81 Dirt Bike Championship Free
    Race against the computer biker as you balance your bike and not tip over. Watch out for jumps!
  • 82 The Transporter Online
    Neat car game based on the film with the same title. Dodge oncoming traffic and.. goats?
  • 83 Motocross Nitro Online
    Be warned. Motocross Nitro will bring out your inner speed demon as you race your motorbike over a variety of terrains and tracks, pulling daring stunts and leaving the competition in the dust.
  • 84 Moto Racer Timetrials Free
    Race around 2 different tracks as fast as possible in this 3D racing game. Watch out for obstacles.
  • 85 Trials 2 Online
    Use up and down arrow keys to accelerate or brake. Use left and right arrow keys to lean forward or backward. Amazing real-life 3D trials game. Negotiate obstacles in the quickest time!
  • 86 Insurance Hunter Online
    In this spy-hunter inspired top-down racer you have specific missions for each level with alternative weapons in order to complete them. For one mission, you may need to knock out the ratty competition.
  • 87 Tuner City Flash
    Drive like you mean it!
  • 88 4 Wheel Madness 2.5 Free
    Try to finish ahead of your opponent in this awesome truck racing game! Crush cars along the way to gain extra points!
  • 89 Enjoyable Horse Racing Game
    Horse Races
  • 90 Alvin and The Chipmunks Flash
    Alvin and the Chipmunks racing game.
  • 91 UFO Racing Flash
    Intergalactic association "UFO Racing" hold an championship. You`ve got a chance to send a challenge to the best racers across the universe and try to win first prize. Take a dare and win!
  • 92 Drag Race Demon Game
    Think you can drive a FAST car? We`ll see. Watch the tree, don`t roll your rail, and blow the doors off, baby!
  • 93 Adrenaline Challenge Game
    Grab the green dots while driving your motorcycle.
  • 94 Extreme Racing 2 Online
    Avoid obstacles and try to stay on the racing track for 90 seconds.
  • 95 Mario ATV Free
    Play as Mario and ride your ATV through Mario`s world.
  • 96 Crash n` Burn Online
    Crash n` Burn is all about destruction. Cars, phone booths, vending machines...everything is a target! Complete missions to move on to the next level. Go on a rampage through the city firing weapons and crashing through obstacles to cause maximum damage.
  • 97 Desktop Racing 2 Online
    Desktop Racing is back, for the second time! Drive more cars, earn more upgrades and perform crazy stunts. Have Fun!
  • 98 Day Drive Flash
    In Day Drive you are a great driver that races downtown and like in any race game the main objective is to finish the race in the 1st place to get to the next circuit. Across the circuit which is divided into laps you will find gems that give you points a
  • 99 Drift `n` Burn 365 Free
    Rev up for a new race every day!
  • 100 Knugg Rally Game
    Use your arrows to drive your ride, spacebar to skid out, R to fire rockets, T for turbo and E for a gentle turn.
  • 101 Coaster Racer Game
    Exhillarating race with 16 opponents over insane roller coaster tracks.
  • 102 18 Wheeler Online
    In 18 Wheeler, the objective of the game is to park the truck into designated parking areas before the time runs out. Try to finish the levels as quickly as possible to get more points. You will lose points when you crash the truck so be very careful.
  • 103 Dare Devil Free
    Dare Devil is a Bike Game where you have to complete each level by making a big jump over the obstacles and land safely on the other end. During the jump you can perform various tricks to earn points.
  • 104 High Speed Chase Free
    This time, You are the Hunter! Find your target vehicles and Take Them Out!
  • 105 Risky Rider 2 Game
    Take daring jumps and reach the sky! Get your bike as hight as possible, beat all the levels.
  • 106 Monster Truck Curfew Game
    You`ve had enough of your sugar daddy, and you need to get home before your curfew. How many cars can you squash before you get home?
  • 107 Stunt Bike Draw 2 Game
    The shapes that you draw are affected by gravity, friction and inertia!
  • 108 Free Gear Flash
    Some old school racing similar to the Top Gear and Lotus Challenge games. The player must compete in five tournaments against seven other drivers to ultimately win the world championship. In total, 20 races can be played in various weather conditions and
  • 109 School Bus License Flash
    Getting your Commercial Driver License has never been more fun! In 25 driving levels, youll be driving with a test instructor who will be monitoring your every move. The first lesson is a simple drive and park.
  • 110 Planet Racer Game
    This is a one on one drag racing game based in space. You will be given a small sum of money and a basic car, You will go from planet to planet to challenge others to a race. First race all the not to experienced drivers before moving onto the professiona
  • 111 Ace Driver Free
    The ultimate flash racing game.
  • 112 Desert Rally Flash
    Any chump can drive fast. If you want to go the distance, you`ll need to play it cool, brother.
  • 113 Mini Boat Race Online
    Mini Boat Race- Very fun
  • 114 Fast Track Game
    Race against computer opponents on a wide range of tracks which need to be unlocked. Earn money by winning races to upgrade your car with new tires, engine, suspension and more.
  • 115 Renegade Racing Flash
    Stomp the gas and get ready for some motorhead mayhem! Flip your way to the finish line in this high-speed race where the more crazy you drive, the more money you earn!
  • 116 Renegade Racing Free
    Speed to the front of a crazy pack of cars while performing jumps and stunts in Renegade Racing. Do flips and wheelies to fill your turbo boost energy so that you can blaze ahead of the pack!
  • 117 Street Racer Online
    Street Racer is a 3D Racing Game. Drive your car to victory in the world of illegal street racing. If you are first in all races you will be able to compete in more competitive ones.
  • 118 Dirt Bike Championship Game
    In Dirt Bike Championship get on your bike and win races, but dont crash or youll go back to the start! Win the race to unlock the next track and continue on your way to the championship
  • 119 Truck Mania Flash
    Be a truck driver!
  • 120 Exit Path Flash
    Race to the exit path!
  • 121 Potty Racers 2 Flash
    Be a Potty Racer!
  • 122 Motor Bike 2 Online
    Ride your bike through dangerous landscape and clear all the exciting stages by reaching finishing point successfully in every level.
  • 123 Box10 ATV2 Flash
    Ride your ATV over the rocky terrian as you tilt and lean. Don`t flip over after hitting parked cars!
  • 124 Rumble Town Racing Free
    Nitro-fueled racing every day!
  • 125 Ice Racer Flash
    Your objective is to drive an ice racing truck on snow capped mountains and try to reach the Finish line as fast as you can.
  • 126 On The Run Flash
    You have information that the `Corporation` will stop at nothing to get - escape to safety!
  • 127 Monsta Truk Game
    Dis truk iz so tuf, we had to misspell it. Get your tilt on in another stunt driving challenge!
  • 128 Monster Trucks Nitro Free
    Crash with your monstrous 4x4 all the cars on your way. Your objective is to reach to the goal before the time runs out.
  • 129 Mad Truckers Online
    Be a mad trucker!
  • 130 Alp Truck Game
    Race the trucks!
  • 131 Excite Bike Game
    Race your motorbike around the track in this classic remake of the excite bike game.
  • 132 Cartman Shopping Cart Flash
    Cartman watched too much to Jackass and decide to do the shopping cart stunt! Please help Cartman to survive the parcour, he definitely need help.
  • 133 Dirt Bike 3 Flash
    Dirt Bike 3 is a Dirt Bike Riding and Stunt Performing Game. The aim of the game is to ride over all of the obstacles to reach the end of each stage as quickly as possible. Keep your balance and use your speed to make it over things like barrels, boxes, c
  • 134 Alias Runner Game
    In Alias Runner you must race your 3D car around the city whilst trying to avoid the cars that are aiming to collide with you. As they chase your car you must travel the safest path to survive the constant attacks.
  • 135 Speed Racing Online
    Race against the other drivers in Speed Racing. Your computer controlled opponent reacts to specific situations during the game, so watch out as you are not in for an easy ride! Make sure you are turning in the right place and using the track the way its
  • 136 Dune Bashing In Dubai Flash
    Dune bashing in Dubai is an action packed Sports Game where you have to ride a quad bike through the dangerous desert landscape of Dubai. Ride your bike up the sand dunes and maintain your balance as you make your way to the finish.
  • 137 Road Spies Online
    You are a Road Spy. Which means you get to drive really fast, in a car loaded with deadly weapons.
  • 138 Dirt Bike Flash
    Dirt Bike is more of an obstacle course rider game that you must complete as fast as you can! Imagine being in an arena trying to control your bike across different obstacles.
  • 139 Bike Mania Game
    Bike Mania - The hottest Stunt and dirt bike game ever made you will for sure be addicted to this awesome trials bike game.
  • 140 Renegade Racing Game
    A Wacky Races style racing game with amazing stunts, cool missions and crazy AI cars.
  • 141 Mountain Bike Flash
    Perform crazy stunts in this downhill mountain bike racer!
  • 142 Box Racers Game
    The intergalactic box racing tournament is on! Race against the fastest box racers in the galaxy! Can you win?
  • 143 Ambulance Rush Flash
    Drive your ambulance and try to make it to the hospital as fast as possible.
  • 144 Metal Mayhem Free
    Vehicular destruction!
  • 145 Ghetto Getaway Game
    escape from the cops and win
  • 146 Booty Rider Game
    Custom your rider, bike color, and ride as you balance your bike.
  • 147 Platform Racing 2 Flash
    fun multiplayer running game.
  • 148 Squad Car Racer Flash
    Reach your destiny quickly avoiding other vehicles. Use the mouse to drive your police car. Maintain pressed the space bar to accelerate. Press G to change speeds.
  • 149 Super Drift Online
    Anyone can race, only the best can drift! Take turns at over 100 mph and over take your opponent in the race to the finish line. Play Time Trials if you want to put your best time to the test. Lets Drift!
  • 150 King Of Drift Online
    Are you in need of some high-speed, drifting action??
  • 151 Neon Race 2 Online
    Race at super speeds through futuristic landscapes. More speed, more upgrades, more unlocks, more TURBO!
  • 152 Pipe Riders Game
    Fast paced, futuristic and hypnotic, obstacle avoiding game, and in real 3D!!! Drive your bike through the pipes grabbing turbos and shield cubes to get to the finish line as fast as possible!
  • 153 American Drag Racer Flash
    Become the ultimate drag racing professional!
  • 154 3D Buggy Racing Game
    Can you be the fastest Buggy Racer?
  • 155 Adventure Bike Free
    Hop on your bike and ride the hills in this cool bike game. Get stars by finishing the level within the time limit and by doing flips. Can you get them all?
  • 156 Road Burner Online
    Road Burner is a Drag Rracing Game. Make and race the best car for each race to beat your opponents. The more races you win the money you earn to make your car even better and faster. Change of gears and use your Nitrous Oxide at the right time is vital t
  • 157 Sim Taxi Free
    In Sim Taxi, the main objective of the game is to look for passengers and deliver them to their destinations as quickly as you possibly can but without damaging your car.
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